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principalHello Students, Parents and Staff:

Christmas break is around the corner, literally three Fridays away. As we approach the end of the year, it is with pride that we look back at what our students and staff have accomplished in a mere 3 months. Student learning continues to take center stage at KES. Across all grades and subject areas students and teachers collaborate in the learning process through innovative teaching practices and student input in lesson design and assessment.  December heralds exam season. The district will implement a benchmark on the week of December 5th.  Students and teachers are busy preparing for their exams. We hope that small changes like this will continue to help support student needs and learning.

On the Athletic front, our Volleyball season was capped by all our Volleyball teams in the Finals. The success experienced by our students and their coaches was a natural outcome of their dedication and hard work throughout the season. The improvement made over the last few weeks were nothing short of phenomenal. Our teams carried themselves with poise and made the school proud. Both the girls and boys team distinguished themselves by winning all major tournaments of the season: We eagerly look forward to equal success in the upcoming Basketball season. Best of luck to our teams!

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to wish our students, our parents, our staff and the community a happy holiday and a celebration filled with joy and family. It is moments like this, when we can pause, catch our breath and look back that we realize how privileged and lucky we are to be part of this community.

Best Wishes,

Ms. Vanessa L. Ortegon, Principal



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