Principal's Message

Dear Kawas Students and Families,

Congratulations to our 4th graders who recently completed their STAAR Writing assessments! We'd also like to commend our 5th grade students for taking their first administration of the Reading and Math STAAR exams! We are proud of everyone's hard work and dedication, as we know everyone put forth their best effort! Way to go, students and teachers!

Our next STAAR administration will begin on May 14th, 2018. 3rd and 4th graders will begin with Math, and continue on day two with Reading. Any 5th graders who will need to re-test will have the opportunity to do so on the respective days. The final assessment is the Science STAAR, only taken by our 5th graders, on May 16th.

We will continue working hard for the next round of assessments! We thank our students and teachers for their commendable efforts, and we'd like to thank our Kawas families, for supporting their children during this time! 

As always, we strive for perfect attendance, and students arriving on time so they can begin their learning day with a great nutritious breakfast!

Don't forget Library Nights with our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Bazan, will continue through the end of our Accelerated Reader contest, which closes on April 27th. So please, join us and continue to earn those AR points!

Thank you once again for everyone's continued effort and support! We know we will succeed!

Vanessa L. Ortegon, Principal

Ms. Vanessa Ortegon
Kawas Elementary Principal


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